Weight Loss and Confidence

Emma wrote this about her experience working with me.

“Most of my life I have struggled with low self confidence and low self worth, I have always felt not good enough and unimportant.  I have suffered from both anxiety and depression for over 25 years. I have been through many traumatic and painful experiences which have left me feeling that I am just too broken to be fixed. Elvira was recommended to me by a friend who wanted to feel better quickly without the emotional pain of dealing with her problems.

In desperation I contacted Elvira last June in the hope she would be able to help me. We worked through all the aspects of my life and almost painlessly healed all the demons from my past.  It was intense and tiring at times, but it left me with a wonderful calm inner peace to replace the emotional turmoil.

I can honestly say I love myself now. I know I am a wonderful, caring person who has a right to be here. I value and respect my mind and body and am true to myself. I am emotionally strong and have self acceptance – I am complete. I no longer need to look to others to make me feel safe, wanted or loved. I look forward to each day and no longer live in fear. I have a normal life!

I have lost over 3 ½ stone in the process. My weight no longer concerns me, I am happy with myself and I am confident I will continue to lose weight until my body is how it should be.

Elvira is amazing. She has a wonderfully warm and friendly personality which makes you feel instantly at ease. Elvira is very professional, highly skilled and trustworthy.

To put it simply, Elvira saved my life!”

Emma,  Fleet

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