Self-Esteem, Health Issues and Relationships

Catherine came to see me because her health was causing her problems and she felt dissatisfied with her relationships and her self-esteem was plummeting. This is what she has to say about her time with me …

Before I met Ellie I felt I was happy. Life just ticked along and I was OK with it. Any problems I’d had in the past (similarly encountered by 10,000’s of other people) had been tucked away into “forgotten” memories. I’d put broken relationships and a background feeling of being lonely down to never having found the right man. Everyone always said what a cheerful person I was and I believed it. NO WAY was I in need of someone like Ellie!

Then following some severe health problems I was referred to Ellie. To say I was sceptical is an understatement! So imagine my surprise when upon walking into a room with Ellie I was immediately in floods of tears and felt held and supported. I knew this was the right thing to do.

A mere 6 sessions and a few short months later I walk around a different person. Not only has Ellie given me my health back but given me a new wondrous life. I cannot believe that only 6 sessions of being with Ellie has changed my life so completely.

Every day I wake up thankful for my new life. Patterns I thought were just “the way I am” are broken; problems that seemed insurmountable are easily solved; I love others with ease and as a result they love me; my animals trust me more; my work has become something I really want to do and all around me I see love and beauty. I’m very happy to love and be loved. It’s actually what we all want. All the rest – how to cope with work, people, life just follows along.

I cannot thank Ellie enough for helping me to find that out and cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone. If you want to speak to me to find out more then I give Ellie my permission to give you my details.

Catherine Edwardes

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