The following testimonials are real and due to the sensitive and personal nature of the work I do with my clients, it is appropriate and ethical to ensure the anonymity of the individual is maintained.


Tracey came to see me for 4 sessions as she needed help with the trauma around the loss of her Dad. She said, “I cannot express enough how much my time with Elvira has helped me. I was at my wits end in many ways and had so much going on in my life that I could not cope at all.

I had lost my Dad to cancer a couple of years ago and never dealt at all with the grieving, their were also many other problems that I was trying to deal with at the same time.

Elvira had come very highly recommended and I was excited at the thought of getting help. I can now speak about my Dad without breaking down every time, and can also deal with most things life throws at me. I am much more confident and my family are so happy with the difference in me too.

It was so wonderful to be able to sit and talk with someone who is so professional, kind,approachable, and someone who I felt I could trust to talk about my life to.

Thank you Elvira, you have changed my life so much…….for the better.”

Tracey Williams, Hampshire

Progressing your Career – Feeling Confident – Charity Work

Susie came to see me because she felt that she wasn’t quite as confident as she could be at work and she wanted to progress her career, this is what she wrote …

“Originally met Elvira at a 4Networking meeting.  I then received an e-mail from Tracy Marlow, from Community Matters Partnership, to say that Elvira had very kindly offered some life coaching. I jumped at the opportunity as I am aware that my self confidence is fairly low.  I wanted to be able to improve my confidence and to be able to think more positively about things – especially in challenging times.

When I went for my first session with Elvira, she explained what we would be doing, how it would work and what we would hope to achieve.  She put me at ease straight away. The work I have done with Elvira has been absolutely amazing.  It was so easy to work with her as she is so kind and gentle.  Her manner made me feel so safe and it has been an absolute honour to have been able to work with her. She has helped me change my mindset and feel so positive and calm – even in very challenging times.  It has truly been a life changing experience, the calmness in my life and positivity I feel has certainly made me a better person.  Other people have noticed my confidence has increased too.

It has been a privilege to have done this work with Elvira, and I have every intention to continue this work with her. I could not have got to such a great place in my mind without her help. Everyone should engage and work with Elvira, it is absolutely awesome.”

 Susie Porter, The Vine


Building a Profitable Business

Steve came to see me after I met him at a networking meeting. He wanted to have a successful, thriving business and yet there were internal beliefs blocks that were stopping him from achieving success. This is what he said about his experience with me and what he has achieved …

“Elvira is awesome! I can’t recommend her highly enough when it comes to overcoming mental blocks and challenges. The work she does is life changing and can help you in practically any area of life. If you are in a rut, have psychological/emotional issues/blocks etc or just need to super-charge your business to help it grow and make more money then definitely get in contact with Elvira! She’s also a super cool person and very easy to talk to 🙂 Since our sessions my business is growing and expanding along with my confidence and strangely enough many nice ‘coincidences’ keep happening to me and opportunities keep coming my way which is absolutely amazing! Thanks again Elvira, love ya xx”

Steve West,   Forrest Row

Fear of Flying

Louise came to me with an issue she’s had for a long time, where she was really anxious about flying. This fear caused her distress and often ruined the excitement of her holidays abroad. She was fed up and decided to do something about it and came to see me. Within 1 session she had stopped her fear and anxiety and enjoyed her holiday to Egypt. 

This is what she said, “When I mentioned to a friend that I was dreading my flight to Egypt she suggested I make an appointment with Elvira at E-Motion.  I called at very short notice only a week before my trip and Elvira went out of her way to accommodate me.  We met for one session and I am delighted to say I am cured and was able to enjoy my holiday for the first time, I would highly recommend Elvira and I tell all my friends how impressed I was with the success.  I am looking forward to my next holiday already.”

If you are interested in finding out more, click on this link to read the blog I wrote about Fear of Flying Overcome Your Fear of Flying

Louise Francis,    Surrey

Team Building Workshop

Vince knew of my abilities and knowledge and engaged my services to help with his team building. He wanted people in his team to work as a TEAM. This is what he said …

I have been working with Elvira to improve my understanding of NLP for over a year and realised that there was an opportunity introduce these skills into my team.  I approached Elvira about conducting a training course that would target the specific needs of my team.  We discussed the various courses that she could provide and I selected the most appropriate for my required outcomes.  Elvira delivered the course extremely well and had a very positive impact on the team.  I’ve noticed team members using what they have learned from the course in our interactions which for me was one of the key outcomes I wanted to achieve.  It has also improved team rapport and interaction as well.  I do not hesitate in recommending Elvira and the courses she delivers.

Vince Edge, Head of Partner Relationships – Virgin Media

Self-Esteem, Health Issues and Relationships

Catherine came to see me because her health was causing her problems and she felt dissatisfied with her relationships and her self-esteem was plummeting. This is what she has to say about her time with me …

Before I met Ellie I felt I was happy. Life just ticked along and I was OK with it. Any problems I’d had in the past (similarly encountered by 10,000’s of other people) had been tucked away into “forgotten” memories. I’d put broken relationships and a background feeling of being lonely down to never having found the right man. Everyone always said what a cheerful person I was and I believed it. NO WAY was I in need of someone like Ellie!

Then following some severe health problems I was referred to Ellie. To say I was sceptical is an understatement! So imagine my surprise when upon walking into a room with Ellie I was immediately in floods of tears and felt held and supported. I knew this was the right thing to do.

A mere 6 sessions and a few short months later I walk around a different person. Not only has Ellie given me my health back but given me a new wondrous life. I cannot believe that only 6 sessions of being with Ellie has changed my life so completely.

Every day I wake up thankful for my new life. Patterns I thought were just “the way I am” are broken; problems that seemed insurmountable are easily solved; I love others with ease and as a result they love me; my animals trust me more; my work has become something I really want to do and all around me I see love and beauty. I’m very happy to love and be loved. It’s actually what we all want. All the rest – how to cope with work, people, life just follows along.

I cannot thank Ellie enough for helping me to find that out and cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone. If you want to speak to me to find out more then I give Ellie my permission to give you my details.

Catherine Edwardes

Fear of Flying

Kirsty came to see me as she’d struggled for a while with her flying phobia (fear of flying) and she was keen to get some sunshine during our dreary, grey winter but her fear of flying caused her so much stress and angst. We completed 2 sessions and I got an email from her telling me that she’d booked her ticket and was off to Egypt!

After she returned, she wrote, “My former fear of flying didn’t stop me going on holiday abroad, but it did ruin my holiday and put me in a panic for months before. Over a few sessions, Elvi assisted me to sort that out and I recently returned from a fantastic and relaxing holiday in Egypt.”

Kirsty,   Fleet

Weight Loss and Confidence

Emma wrote this about her experience working with me.

“Most of my life I have struggled with low self confidence and low self worth, I have always felt not good enough and unimportant.  I have suffered from both anxiety and depression for over 25 years. I have been through many traumatic and painful experiences which have left me feeling that I am just too broken to be fixed. Elvira was recommended to me by a friend who wanted to feel better quickly without the emotional pain of dealing with her problems.

In desperation I contacted Elvira last June in the hope she would be able to help me. We worked through all the aspects of my life and almost painlessly healed all the demons from my past.  It was intense and tiring at times, but it left me with a wonderful calm inner peace to replace the emotional turmoil.

I can honestly say I love myself now. I know I am a wonderful, caring person who has a right to be here. I value and respect my mind and body and am true to myself. I am emotionally strong and have self acceptance – I am complete. I no longer need to look to others to make me feel safe, wanted or loved. I look forward to each day and no longer live in fear. I have a normal life!

I have lost over 3 ½ stone in the process. My weight no longer concerns me, I am happy with myself and I am confident I will continue to lose weight until my body is how it should be.

Elvira is amazing. She has a wonderfully warm and friendly personality which makes you feel instantly at ease. Elvira is very professional, highly skilled and trustworthy.

To put it simply, Elvira saved my life!”

Emma,  Fleet


I met Vicky at the Meditation class I run for the Hampshire County Council. We spoke a few times after class and I knew I could help her even though she had been seeing a counsellor. Vicky has had 3 sessions with me and this is what she said, “After a very difficult period of time which led to me suffering from anxiety, I had counselling for 6 months.  I then met Elvira through her meditation course and, during the first session, she was able to get to the core of my problems and help me resolve them, which did not happen during the counselling I had already received. After the sessions with Elvira I felt lighter and found (still find) life less complicated than before.  I am eternally grateful to Elvira and the help she has given me.”

Vicky, Fleet

Overcoming Bereavement

Wendy came to see me after having experienced the loss of a close friend and she found it difficult to move on. After only 1 session Wendy was able to find peace and closure and said, “I can not thank you enough as this has been very important to me moving on with my life. I know it would not have been possible without your assistance”.

Wendy, Surrey

Meditation or Quietening the Mind

I’ve run a meditation class for the Hampshire council since the beginning of 2011 and it has been incredibly successful. So many people have been surprised at how easy it is to quieten the mind in order to create a real sense of calmness and strength within that helps us deal with whatever events and situations and concerns we have throughout our lives. Katherine, one of my students recently emailed me the following, “Thank you for introducing me to the incredible world of meditation.  In only a few weeks I’ve noticed my stress levels substantially reduce and my energy levels increase.  I’m only sorry I didn’t do this years ago!”

Katherine, Fleet

Growing My Business

Jan came to see me to help her grow her business and this is what she had to say after 4 sessions with me, “I’m amazed at how much happier & more settled I feel since having some sessions with Elvira. Elvira has addressed negative feelings that I’ve carried for years – and given me the tools to help myself in the future. Thank you so much Elvira, I’ve just recommended you to a friend”

Jan Jack, Basingstoke

Loving my body

Rebecca came to see me after a conversation we had at a networking meeting where she realised that she needed to change how she viewed herself. She wanted to feel confident about what she saw in the mirror both physically and mentally. Rebecca was a pleasure to work with and this is what she had to say, “Working with Elvira has been such an amazing experience, both physically and emotionally. I have made such wonderful progress in only 2 sessions. Although some of the time was quite emotional I have benefited in so many ways and I feel like a new woman as a result. Elvira has equipped me with some great strategies that I am already putting into play. I cannot recommend Elvira and NLP highly enough.”

Rebecca, Guildford

NLP for Business

Sam came to see me for a business issue and this is what she said …

“Elvira I really want to thank you for all the support and help you have given me through the coaching sessions I have had with you. You have helped me work through two situations now that have both been giving me some difficulty. When I first worked with you in May I knew I needed to “do something” but had no idea what that was.  The things we worked on and the techniques you helped me be able to use transformed how I approach this situation & the results were and still are amazing!   I am an expert at “turning down the dial” now!  Such a seemingly simple few changes have made such a difference.

When I was more recently struggling with a bigger business issue I knew the best way to get the results I wanted was to come and work with you again.  Wow!  Everything is now coming together just how I wanted it to, no that’s not true, in fact it is even better that I imagined!  At the same time I’ve dealt with some “stuff” that had been hanging around having an effect on me for far too long and I can’t thank you enough for that.

You stand out from the crowd when I look around at life and business coaches; your professionalism, knowledge and skills are without question but what I admire and respect most though is quite simply the way that you are with people.  Thank you so much for your help and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone.”

Sam Swinstead, Farnborough

Removing Limiting Beliefs around Money

Tina and I met a year ago and it was clear that although she is a very good Hypnotherapist, she was not owning her value. After just one session, Tina saw the results and began to introduce new events into her life that allowed her to recognise her value. She recently wrote the following, “Elvira uses a combination of NLP and Coaching to produce some amazing results. I found her to be extremely professional and personable. She used a variety of techniques to help me move forward and to clear up a particular obstacles which was stopping me. She does not let you hide (which is a good thing) and encourages you in a positive, caring and supportive environment which makes her sessions very rewarding”.

Tina, Surrey

Fear of Spiders

Kirsty came to see me to get rid of her fear of spiders, she had this fear since she was a child and she wanted to stop being so scared. After 2 sessions she had completely removed her fear and she wrote to me to say, “At 6.24pm, a big legged spider ran in front of me in the kitchen and I scooped it up in my plastic bag and threw it outside! Hah! Can’t believe i did it and how quick it happened. Thanks so much”.

Kirsty, Hampshire

Removing Self Doubt and Increasing Confidence

Lisa and I met at an Athena networking meeting that I presented at where she approached me about her fear of public speaking. After only a couple of sessions not only did her fears completely disappear, but her business has grown, new clients have engaged her services and issues with her ability to manage some existing difficult clients is now a thing of the past. She wrote, “Working with Elvira has changed my life!  I first met her when she spoke at a local networking group – what she said made sense to me.  Just 2 sessions with Elvira has allowed me to get rid of the skeletons in my closet, clear my feelings of not being good enough, of not being clever enough and I have removed the self-doubt that I have battled with for so many years.  I feel confident now, able to stand up for what I believe in and I trust in myself, know that the decisions I am making are the right ones. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Elvira to anyone”.

Lisa, Surrey

Overcoming Insecurity

John attended one of my workshops and this is what he said, “Thanks to you for such an amazing lessons. Do you know for a long time I’ve been wondering why are some people so rich in capacities e.g. in problem solving, making analysis, inventions, resourcefulness etc? and the only secret was that those people know how to tap into their unconscious mind -this secret is what you have shared with us. Thanks again apart from helping me relax and heal etc I tell you I am going to make something huge out of it. Take care”.

John, Hampshire

Addressing Confidence and Self-Esteem

Ian and I have worked together on my website and he helped me massively to get my website optimised. In this time we learnt a little about each other and over time Ian decided to use my services to help him with his confidence and self-esteem. The world had been unkind and he needed to get his strength back. After a few sessions with me he wrote to say, “I’m Marketing Assistant for 4N Basingstoke now. Last year it was out of my comfort zone, but so far so good… I’m also getting on much better with my ex, which can only good for my daughter. Thank you again for your help”.

Ian, Hampshire

Relaxation and Managing Stress

Paul attended one of my courses and this is what he had to say, ” I had been curious about meditation and relaxation to help me feel calmer, probably since The Beatles foray in the 60’s. In the last year had been actively seeking a course to discover more about it. I was fortunate to be amongst a small group of ten with Ellie for a 5-week course. In complete contrast to a concern I had when I first signed up – that the course might be slightly dippy hippy with vague intangible comments – those concerns immediately disappeared. Ellie is a warm person and soon relaxed the whole group, who throughout the course opened up to share experiences. Each section is well defined and structured. We covered numerous forms of relaxation to allow each individual select the forms that are right for them. Ellie set and encouraged our own practises during each week and gave clear direction to help with any issues that arose. Each and every question from the group was answered with a very high standard of integrity – she clearly knows her subject and is able to communicate well to share and teach others. May I highly recommend Ellie as a tutor and a mentor”.

Paul, Hampshire

Increasing Confidence using NLP

Andy spoke to me about his concern with his confidence. He knew he had been successful in his work life and yet there was something missing. We worked together to resolve these concerns and he said, “I had been skeptical about the power of NLP before meeting with Elvira. I can only deeply thank her for helping me work out issues that had been holding me back from achieving my true potential. I would recommend Elvira without hesitation”.

Andy, Surrey

Removing the Fear of Public Speaking

Emma came to see me to get help with her fear of Public Speaking – she said she was always terrified and needed to get over it as it was preventing her from promoting her business. She said “Working with Elvira has quite literally changed my life on both a professional and personal level. I can’t get over how much difference and value she delivers in an incredibly short space of time. The skills and attitudes she has taught me are of real high value and impact – this is definitely transforming people in practice not in theory! I utilise what I have learnt from her a number of times everyday. She also provides the most wonderful after care in terms of keeping in touch and checking that I am benefiting from her amazing expertise. She provides great ongoing support, has a genuine interest in her clients and a true passion for what she does. I cannot recommend her services enough”.

Emma, Surrey

Overcoming Emotional Abuse

Elvira and I worked together a couple of issues that were affecting my life, stemming back to a previous relationship and how it impacted my parents. The root cause of the problem was the feeling of ‘I am worthless’. I found that using NLP helped me resolve these issues and I was left with a feeling of calm. I no longer feel that I am worthless and have regained a confidence that I felt was lost a long time ago. I would like to say thank you to Elvira for her help in overcoming the issues that I had. It has been extremely beneficial to me in my personal and work life. I’ve recommended her to my partner as I feel confident in her abilities to resolve any issues.

Debbie, Hampshire

Avoiding Procrastination and Increasing Motivation

My wife recommended NLP to me. My reason for taking the sessions was a lack of motivation, both in my work environment and personal development. I struggled to motivate myself around the house or studying. I was pleased with the professional manner in which Elvira carries out her sessions, doing everything to make me feel at ease and to understand the practice of NLP and the manner in which she works. I have started to clear out items that I was hoarding and am also now studying to improve myself. My motivation has improved immensely and I spend less time thinking and more time doing!

James, Hampshire

NLP for Anger Management and Coping with Loss

For years I had feelings of guilt and anger over having left my kids when I divorced my wife. My kids suffered the consequences even though I was a present father and saw them every weekend – I still felt I had let them down. I know now that what I did was the best thing for everyone including me. It took a couple of sessions to help me realise this and I feel so much happier now. I know my kids love me – the guilt for leaving them is gone and the anger I had for my wife is no longer there either. Elvira is a sensitive, caring and skilled and I have happily recommended her to my friends – most of them have gone to see her already!

David, Hampshire

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem with NLP

I asked Elvira to help me with a number of facets within my makeup which I thought inhibited my growth and development as a human being. I am a qualified psychiatric nurse and thus understand the value of being able to help patients to change the way they perceive situations as these perceptions are often unhelpful and cause patients to repeat or hold onto misconceptions which can be detrimental in the long run. I found Elvira to be extremely knowledgeable in her field, approachable, caring and above all, willing to keep on working with an issue until it was resolved for me. I felt comfortable with her, trusted her implicitly and knew that she had my best interests at heart. Would I recommend her work to my friends and family? The answer to this is Absolutely!

Shannon, Surrey

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