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Information on what stress is, how to accept it and work through it

1 Minute Thought Change – Stop Worrying, Control Thoughts

Thought Change

Are you aware of how many thoughts you have each day ? Research has shown that humans can process between 12,000 to 50,000 thoughts each day. This is approximately between 3.03 to 1.15 thoughts per second if we exclude the thoughts we … Continue reading …

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Stress-Less Techniques


Easy to use techniques that when followed reduce your stress and bring your body and mind back to a state of health Continue reading …

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Understanding Stress


We’ve always had stress, the triggers are simply different! As Prehistoric man we were threatened by the environment – Sabre Toothed Tigers, Woolly Mammoths, ice glaciers … now our threats are simply workload, emails, iPhones, www, You Tube, the 1001 tasks that … Continue reading …

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