My passion is in helping people find their passion. When people discover what they are passionate about, their productivity and creativity increase several fold. At the same time, their loyalty and ability to complete tasks on time and to high quality improves too.

Happy employees make for happy teams and deliver to happy clients.

I run a series of workshops, with monitored outcomes, to help you get the most from your teams. They use the coaching model of NLP intermixed with the principles of mindfulness, all in a corporate context easily embraced and understood.

Attendees will learn to be more mindful and purposeful – here’s just a few workshop themes :

  • How to combat stress and increases relaxation which in turn allows clearer thinking, easier resolution of problems and management of workload
  • How to feel more comfortable with feelings and choices made
  • Changing world-view and response to it to get more done, more often
  • Heightening of awareness and improved well-being – psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual
  • Increasing ability to gain command over mind and emotions
  • Being more accepting, creative, spontaneous, joyful and alive
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