What is a Phobia?

A phobia is anĀ inappropriate internal reaction to something external. Be it flying, spiders, water or even bananas!

How does something become a phobia

We are bombarded with huge amounts of information every millisecond and to maintain our sanity, this information is filtered. Our memories are created by the information we wish to store. A phobia occurs when the we receive is emotionally highly charged and we go into fight/flight response and we experience panic. This information fails to be processed correctly and our brain cannot make sense of the event /data. The memory remains trapped causing high levels of anxiety when triggered.

It is unclear where phobias come from, some experts say they are learnt responses and others say they are the result of trauma, either way this immense fear adversely affects your body, your lifestyle and those around you.

Making sense of the situation or reciting statistics will not help the individual feel even remotely more comfortable. They end up feeling isolated in their fears and even ridiculed to the point where they may simply retreat or express undesired anger and frustration. Neither of these responses is beneficial to the individual or those around them.

Fear not … there is another way … NLP has a technique called the Fast Phobia Model which allows the memory and therefore the inappropriate fear to be released and resolved. The process is quick and gentle and the results are amazing.

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