Overcome Your Fear of Flying

Holiday Time!
It’s that time of the year where you are looking forward to your holidays … or are you? How are you really feeling when you think about going away or perhaps do you just simply avoid a holiday where flying is a necessity. Do any of these sound familiar to you …

  • Does the thought of booking a flight leave you in a cold sweat?
  • Do you feel nauseas just thinking about checking in?
  • Are you aware of the risks of taking sedatives or alcohol to help you deal with the fear of flying?
  • Are you aware that excess adrenalin in the body increases the heart rate, moves oxygenated blood away from the skin and organs towards the heart and increases your blood pressure?

How often do you need to put your body under such immense stress?

Aviation safety experts often use statistics associated with flying risk to show how flying is safe and that there is no need to be afraid. If you are phobic then statistics are insignificant, as the fear is irrational and cannot be assuaged by rational thought.

By choosing to ignore this unwanted trauma, you could potentially be causing permanent damage to your body. Isn’t it time for you to let this go so you can enjoy your holiday without the anxiety of flying there and back?

Can you just for a moment imagine your life free from this fear … what would it be like? Remember there is no reason to continue to accept this as “normal”

How to Make the Change

In NLP we use the Fast Phobia model to resolve the panic easily and effectively. This technique releases the panic-information and turns it into a simple neutral memory … no trigger, No fear!

Imagine what it would feel like to book a holiday to a foreign destination, to see the flight details printed on your ticket, to arrive at the airport hearing the planes fly past, to step into the checking-in queue feeling excited about the prospect of seeing a different country or meeting up with family and friends you haven’t seen for a while, completely free from any of the anxiety, stress and fears you used to feel at the thought of an airport, planes and flying.

It’s time for you to be free from this fear and you deserve a holiday free from the anxiety of flying.

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