NLP In Business

Developing Excellence in Business

Excellence is a proven programme that teaches you how to get the best results possible for yourself, your team and your organisation, so that everyone moves in the same direction!

It is based on proven psychological techniques, emotional intelligence, cognitive behavioural learning and development and Neuro Linguistic Programming models to show how your emotions and thoughts affect your behaviour and performance. It uses a scientific approach on how you can adapt how you think, to get better results for everyone.

How Do We Achieve Excellence?

We run a number of interviews and workshops with the various teams to

  • learn how each of you absorbs information, what your preferences are for processing it, what leadership and team member styles you have
  • predict behaviours so that they can be managed easily
  • promote positive  interactions with each other so the outcomes are win-win
  • communicate flexibly so you can deliver information using different styles to suit your audience
  • connect with other teams to create synergy and cohesiveness
  • address inefficiencies and conflicts so that they can resolved

Why Would You Want to Achieve Excellence?

Your interactions with others can lead to your success or failure. If you know what to and how to capitalise on your successes, then everyone benefits. In essence, the programme enables you to be more successful in your team and organisation  … everyone wins!

  • Communicating effectively – ensuring your message is understood so that everyone knows what is expected and what each member is responsible for delivering
  • Working and committing to an overall vision and goal and ensuring everyone is moving in the same direction
  • Building and maintaining rapport easily so that your ideas and messages are less critically accepted and the overall vision is maintained and enhanced
  • Recognising the trigger points, removing them so that the results are free from conflict
  • Learning how different people absorb information, how they make decisions and how they behave based on those decisions so that you can align your communication and leadership style to what is preferred and respected
  • Collaboration, better relationships, efficiencies and overall increased performance
  • Awareness of how information and messages are being accepted or rejected so that you can structure your messages differently, in the moment, to get the results you want
  • Focussing on people’s strengths rather than the weaknesses
  • Creating synergy amongst team members to get the best out of each person
  • Managing your state so you can be focussed, clear and effective

How Long Does It Take?

The course runs over 3 days with gaps between each day so that the learnings and discoveries can be discussed and digested. Day 1 is all about getting to know yourself, your team and your organisation. Day 2 delivers awareness, understanding of self and others. Day 3 bridges the gaps, integrates the team and manager and builds the team to ultimately support and achieve Excellence!

Awareness and knowledge of self and others is the key to excellent results and successful outcomes!

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