NLP Frequently Asked Questions

What is NLP?

NLP comprises of a range of techniques which enables you to change how you think, feel and ultimately behave. NLP empowers you to actively use your mind, emotions and body to be more successful. You learn how to communicate with yourself and others to achieve excellence in every area of your life.

Your behaviour is based on your perception of the world, which is made up of beliefs, memories, decisions, attitudes and values. These are sometimes limiting and fraught with negative emotions allowing us to continually habituate the same behaviours and therefore the results remain the unchanged. What you focus on will determine your behaviour and therefore the outcome. Now you can begin to change these limiting beliefs and release these negative emotions that keep us in the same cycle and allow the experience of seeing yourself and your life free from these self-limits. When you begin to release these limitations, you change your perceptions, you change your behaviour and the world changes around you. Begin now to focus on the outcomes you want and as such make them happen – You create your own reality so create something that works better!

How can NLP help me?

We facilitate the changes you wish to make, by recognising what isn’t working, the patterns associated to these behaviours, identifying the area and applying the techniques to allow you to make the changes. These changes are free from the events and they simply deal with releasing and changing the old views and habits that we used to hold onto at the unconscious level. We can only facilitate the changes you wish to make now in your relationships with your friends, significant others, family, parents, children, health or any other area of your life. If you want to improve that area so that you start to get more of what you want then now is the time to make the changes.

What can I expect from NLP?

We work with you on a confidential face to face basis. The consultation session is where we will agree the areas of your life that you would like to enhance and we deal with each of these areas in a separate session, until we are satisfied that the old thoughts, decisions, behaviours, feelings, limiting decisions and negative emotions you used to carry around with you are gone. This allows you the opportunity to find new, positive, rewarding ways of experiencing that area. A renewal! A new way of looking at things! a different perception!

Is NLP really for me?

Whether NLP is for you now or sometime soon is absolutely fine. If you are looking at moving your life forward in a gentle, supportive and exciting way then NLP is for you. There is nothing to stop you from letting go of the old behaviours and perceptions and begin to re-evaluate your life in light of the new decisions and behaviours thereby creating and focusing on the outcomes you are expecting.

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