Gastric Band Hypnotherapy – Lose Weight Easily & Feel Good

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

How Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Helps with Easy Weight Loss

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a proven method which allows you to lose your excess weight quickly, effectively and permanently without paying £1000’s for Gastric Band Surgery.

The mind is incredibly powerful and with hypnotherapy techniques we instruct the body that a Gastric Band has been fitted. The body simply knows the size of the stomach is smaller and it fills up faster, thereby allowing you to get a strong signal that you are full and satisfied when you’ve eaten enough.

The amount of food you used to eat is drastically reduced. You eat less, you lose weight … simple.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a non-invasive, safe and effective alternative to Gastric Band Surgery for men and women, with proven long term results.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy works by …

  • Decreasing your stomach size so you eat less and feel full
  • Increasing your metabolism to burn excess fat more easily
  • Changing your attitude to food and your body

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