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Since I started working with NLP, I keep coming across the same feedback from those around me … “Yes I know NLP we were taught how to use it to sell”.  Many people seem to think that NLP is just a tool used for selling in a manipulative way. To be fair, this has been the case, however I would like you to consider the areas below as additional to what you might think NLP can do for you personally or in your business or at work.

Building and Maintaining Rapport

It usually takes a long time to get to know someone to the point that they like, know and trust you. When using the rapport building techniques taught in NLP, this is quicker and much easier. If you establish rapport with those around you, your messages are accepted far less critically and the understanding of the message is much clearer. This removes misunderstanding and contention that could arise and makes things easier. You are able to connect and communicate far more effectively.

State Management

State means “how you feel inside”. This teaches you how to manage your reactions to people, situations and events so you can respond to them appropriately. When you are aware of your state you can then manage it far more easily so that your behaviours, which is what the outside world experiences from you, is directed at supporting a positive outcome.

As an example to demonstrate this …

You arrive at the office on Monday morning after being stuck in traffic for over an hour. Your internal state could be one of irritation, annoyance, frustration or pressure or perhaps all of them. A colleague greats you as you walk in and you simply grunt back. Their internal state could be one of dismay, anger, confusion or disgust. After lunch when things have returned to some form of normality and you’ve forgotten about the journey, you ask your colleague to help you with something and they simply ignore you. You wonder why ?

Now, when you learn to manage your state the above scenario could be completely different … one where you explain to them what your journey was like and instead of getting a negative response you’d probably get empathy and consideration – a completely different outcome.

Set your Goals

Do you really know what you want? What does it look like? What does it feel like? What does it sound like? Using Goal Setting in NLP means that you define exactly what it is that you want and you make it real in your mind, this then allows you to make it real in your life. Our thoughts, body and emotions create our reality.

Self Motivation

How many times have you put things off that really matter? Do you realise that prolonging important tasks that support the results you want, simply means you are not ready to create the life you want. What is stopping you? With the NLP tools we get to the root cause of what is stopping you and we remove them so you can then just simply Get on with it!

Thought Excellence

I don’t know if you know that thoughts control your body, your mind, your beliefs, your values, your habits, your behaviours … in summary what you think is your reality.

If you want to change your reality you have to change your thinking. NLP teaches you to about how you think, identifies and removes the thoughts that prevent you from having what you want. Once your thoughts change, your behaviour changes and the response you get is different. It is an ancient teaching, “As a man thinketh, so shall it be”.

Communication and Flexibility

Are you your own best friend? Do you treat yourself the way you would treat a close friend? Communicating with yourself and others is key to establishing an outcome you desire. NLP teaches you that other people’s model of the world is different to yours … different not wrong. If you understand this you are then able to flexibly communicate so that they understand what you want to achieve and they align with you in making that happen.


When Richard Bandler and John Grinder developed NLP they studied the masters in their fields of expertise and extracted the key elements that made them masters at what they did. With these key elements they were able to create a model to replicate these successful outcomes.

Who do you have around you that you would like to learn from? Who is an expert at what they do? NLP teaches you how to model these people and in so doing you will learn how to do what they do so much more easily and gracefully.

I wish my Mom would model my parking!

Emotional Integrity

I often hear, “leave your personal stuff at home when you come to work and leave your work stuff at work when you come home”, how do we do this? This separation is impossible and even if you managed to do it some of the time, it is incredibly damaging to you and your environment.

In NLP we learn what these values, beliefs, attitudes and emotions are to us. With this knowledge we are able to use them as strengths giving us the ability to fully engage and commit passionately to objectives that align with our values, beliefs, attitudes and emotions. We get more from ourselves and those around us and the outcome we want is more easily achieved.

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