I believe that everyone has everything they need to resolve any issues they have — we just need a little help finding the answers and the resources to do so. With Hypnotherapy I help you access these answers and resources and together we make the changes to resolve the issues. When you are in trance you are more in control of the situation than you are when you are conscious and the answers become easily available to you.

It would be great if you could think of Hypnotherapy as a dream-like state in which you can relax, focus, plan and rest so that new connections to new ideas can be made, allowing you to resolve issues and make changes easily and effortlessly.

The Milton Model of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is based on the work of a grand master therapist and teacher, Milton H Erickson. He is the most influential Hypnotherapist in our time and had an immense impact on John Grinder and Richard Bandler (the founders of NLP). Richard and John modelled Erickson’s work and created a structure around it so that it could be replicated. The structure used is called The Milton Model.

It is a set of language patterns and metaphor structure which facilitates and induces trance. It enables you to more easily access the resources you have within your unconscious to make changes, find solutions and resolution. It ensures you:

  • Are internally focussed
  • Access information/ resources/ understanding from the unconscious
  • Move from a conscious, specific state to an unconscious, general state
  • Are able to make sense of the world in a more constructive way

Overcoming the Beliefs Learnt from Stage Hypnosis

When the word Hypnosis is mentioned — what do you think of? Some of you may be fascinated, others may remember the times they used Hypnotherapy and how relaxing and fulfilling that was and others may fearful.

Stage hypnotists have unfortunately given a bad name to this powerful, healing tool. It is key for you to let go of what you have seen and believe happens during a sensationalist hypnotist’s show… that is so far from what Hypnotherapy is, it is like saying you can drink window cleaner simply because it is a liquid!

The Collins English Dictionary defines Hypnosis as “An artificially induced state of relaxation and concentration in which deeper parts of the mind can become more easily accessed”

Using Hypnotherapy

I cannot make changes for you, I can simply create the space and environment for you to do so… I cannot hypnotise you if you choose not to, only you have the power to control your thoughts, feelings and words.

Remember that the unconscious mind’s primary directive is to maintain the integrity of the mind and body. This means that it will look after you no matter what. In fact when you are in trance you are more in control of the situation than you are when you are conscious.

Is it not time to trust yourself fully so that you can let go of negative patterns of behaviour and thoughts and begin to create a life that is closer to what you want?

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