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Have you ever wondered why certain people get the results they want – great relationships, prosperous business, fantastic experiences – they just seem to get it all … why?

E-Motion is a place where you learn how to get the results you want. You will discover what you believe about yourself that limits you and you will let these go along with negative thoughts, ineffective behaviours and habits so that you can have the life you want.

I work with you in a gentle and structured way, at your pace. You are in charge of the changes you want to make and I will do what it takes to ensure they are in place.

In working with me you will notice that your new thoughts will be geared towards what you want rather than being haunted by what you don’t want. This is the key … your thoughts drive your behaviours, habits and the responses you get. With your new positive thoughts you will notice changes in your behaviours and habits which then leads to achieving the results that represent and support what you want.

You are in charge of your thinking … change your thinking towards TRUE confidence, increased self-esteem and an inner knowing that you are valuable and good enough and your behaviours, habits and emotions change to support this new found freedom. It all starts with you!

Your NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

Elvira Villarini - NLP Practioner

I’m Elvira and I like describing what I do as a Thought Transplant Surgeon!

I help you get rid of negative thoughts and limitations that you believe are yours and replace them with positive thoughts that support you in having the life you deserve.

I have a Master Practitioner certification in NLP, Time Line Release, Hypnotherapy and many other tools that I have learnt and used over the years to help my clients release whatever it is that is holding them back and transform their lives. With more than 15 years experience in the personal development arena both in the Corporate environment and within my own business, I look forward to helping you achieve what you want.

I am at my happiest when my clients discover how valuable they, that they are in charge of their reality and how much they can choose to have.

I believe that we live in a world of abundance, the only restriction we have is the one we impose on ourselves. We often believe we don’t deserve it or we are not good enough to have it … whatever “IT” is. I used to do this and now I know differently. So I’ve been there and done it so I can now teach you to see your bigger picture, to recognise who you truly are, to hear a different internal dialogue (that voice inside), to treat yourself with respect, to know that you are valuable and you deserve to have what you want.

The learnings I took when I did my training changed my life. Watch the video to hear my story of transformation. Whether you choose to work with me to transform your business or your personal life, you will begin an incredible journey of discovery utilising the most powerful tools available for achieving human excellence, coupled with my passion and dedication.

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