Recipe to Success

I’ve just finished reading Hugh MacLeods book, Evil Plans and was inspired to write and share this with you. I did what he suggested – Be inspired, inspire others, others will inspire you – creating the inspiration loop.

I hope that at the end of this you’re inspired to share this … Start the Inspiration Loop

He says there are various areas that need to be in place for you to achieve success and this is my take on these areas that he is suggesting.


Have a Great Product – Do you believe in your product? Do you believe it is the best out there? Is there anything you can do to make it even better? If you’ve answered “yes” to all of these questions you now have a product that others will believe is great too and you will continue to develop it so that others can CONTINUE to believe it is great. You buy it … they buy it, simple isn’t it?

Tell Your Story – Tell others how you got where you are, what you learnt on the way, what mistakes you made, how did you overcome them, what motivated you to continue even when things were really dark – tell them your story. We learn from stories … gosh fairy tails go way back in time, story tellers were around even before the bible …. Tell your story

Be Passionate – If you are not excited about what you do how can anyone else be? I network a lot and only today someone stood up and spoke about their business, I looked around the room and noticed that most people were finding the carpet more interesting that this poor soul. Ensure those you talk to “catch” your enthusiasm – pass it on!

Show Expertise and Authority – Your clients, existing and potential, will believe you when they know they can trust that you know what you’re talking about. You need to show them in as many ways as you can, your experiences, your learnings, your knowledge, your expertise and above all your WISDOM. Tell them in such a way as to instil trust in your WISDOM.

Continuity – Show up, no matter what’s going on around you – SHOW UP, PARTICIPATE and ENGAGE all the time, whenever you can

Focus – Keep your eye on the target. With every conversation, with every interaction, with every piece of communication make sure it supports your outcome – focus on your outcome – on what you want

Speak in Your Own Voice – Tell it the way it is, in your own words, using your own reference points. Always come from your own space – it is truly your wisdom, your essence, who you really are, that people will engage with and trust

Action – Action only what you WANT TO action, not what you HAVE TO action … even if you know you HAVE TO do some things you detest, change them into WANT TO do some things … remember your Focus, your Outcome and position the HAVE TOs into WANT TOs. This change shifts the energy and the approach and you get it done far more easily.

Enjoy the Journey – Be grateful and appreciate every moment of every day. Thank the moment, enjoy the journey, welcome the turbulence and the calm … Love every minute!

I hope that you are inspired to send this to others …. Start the Inspiration Loop!

3 Responses to Recipe to Success

  1. Such great advice….and so true! Thanks for sharing this xxx

  2. Adrian Evans says:

    Elvira I just wanted to say I resonated with this post so much. Being clear on where you add value following your inner voice are key to bring success to others and yourself.

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