Use the Power of your Mind – Be Successful

I was talking recently to a business savvy friend of mine who, when faced with the prospect of giving a business pitch, went from confident to fearful in a Nano second.  This got me thinking about how quickly and how often we can go from feeling comfortable and at ease to angry or fearful at the drop of a hat, and, more to the point, how to stop it.

If you have ever been in a situation where you’ve been asked to give an impromptu speech in front of a group of people, how quickly did your mood change?  Did you go from calm to calamitous in a nervous heartbeat?  If you did, then just take a moment to think about what needs to happen to get you from (a) calm to (b) calamitous; just think of the many 100,000’s of different processes take place in order to change your thoughts, feelings, body and behaviour.

That’s why the human brain is truly magnificent.  Yet despite its power and capability, our brain has been and still is a mystery to us.  We haven’t fully worked out how the brain works much less what it is capable of achieving. It fires thousands of neurons every second to manage and process information to and from our bodies and environment. It powers our minds, bodies, thoughts and emotions.  It holds power of everything we do and are about to do.

Now, imagine if you were able to use that awesome power of your mind to manage your body, state, feelings, thoughts and behaviours. What if you unlocked the power of your mind and used it to your advantage? You could then choose how you wanted to think, what feelings you would have and how you would go about getting what you desired.  We are not taught how to take charge of our mind and as a result we end up living our lives in AUTOMATIC.  We feel disillusioned, good things happen to other people, we never get what we really want and life just seems like an endless loop with very little “ALIVENESS”.

Taking charge of the power of your mind increases your self-awareness, you become consciously aware of what you are thinking, feeling and doing and in so doing you begin to drive your life the way you want to.  Life becomes easier, we start getting more of what we like and want, the world seems brighter and we feel as though we have a purpose and we make a difference. How does this happen – it happens because when we believe we can get what we desire when we believe we are deserving and good enough, the world around us believes it to and responds differently, in a way that allows you to get what you want.

How do we do this, I hear you asking?

It starts with the words we use internally; everything we feel and do comes from a set of words. The words form the thought, which determines how we feel, which depicts how we behave and the results we get.  For example if I think I am going to win a piece of business and my words are aligned to winning the business then my thoughts are positive, my feelings are possibly one of confidence, charisma, willingness, passion etc and my behaviour depicts this enthusiasm and I can show that I can really do the work then the likelihood is I will get the result I want.

I have listed a set of strategies so you can learn to use the power of your mind to your advantage. If you choose to implement these you will have a positive result and it would be great to know so please post a comment and tell us how you’re doing

BE AWARE of your Patterns

There are many different techniques available to help you re-pattern your thinking. If you have a pattern you know is ineffective then for goodness sake do something about it. Find someone you trust and get rid of that ineffective pattern. You will NEVER have what you want if you stick to the same way of thinking. I’m sure you know the Einstein quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

If you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again e.g. feeling nervous every time you have to present or speak in public then this is a pattern which holds you back, there are many ways this pattern can be broken – removing limiting beliefs, removing fears and phobias, recognising the event for what it is rather than what you interpret it to be … any of these pattern busters are a sure way of giving you a release and allowing you to get on with it without feeling scare, contained or intimidated.

BE AWARE of Others

It is unusual and even unheard of that achievements are accomplished alone – we need others to help us. This means, you have to identify what you need and who you need to help you and in turn be willing to help others. Our unique world exists in collaboration with others. Pay attention to what people are doing, feeling, saying and thinking. React to this information with purpose and you will find the right people to help you and you to help them. The rewards are indescribable.

BE AWARE of your Communication

Learn how to communicate with yourself and others effectively. Words change situations, people, companies and even countries so learn to use them with purpose. Remember that you are wholly responsible for delivering a message in a way that people can hear it and accept it. Learn that being a good communicator means listening well, responding appropriately, having a warm and comfortable demeanour and being passionate with yourself and others. Many people treat themselves disrespectfully and I used to do this too, we must learn to talk to ourselves like we would a close and dear friend. When we treat ourselves with respect we can then do the same for others and this in turn, changes the outcome. Words give rise to thoughts, feelings, behaviours and you can then enjoy a different more productive result.

BE AWARE of your Energy

As with any skill, you have to pour energy into this new way of living – you have to be persistent and determined in your approach and you have to be vigilant of your thoughts so you are continually monitoring what you are thinking and making sure your thoughts support the results you want. The easiest way to do this is to take time to sit quietly and mindfully and really listen to what you are saying and where you are focusing your energy. Be aware of what you are choosing to spend your time on. We have a limited amount of energy every day, so spend it wisely. If you are spending your time and energy in areas that create distraction and confusion and busy-ness then you will not achieve what you want. If, on the other hand, you are monitoring your words and thoughts so that they are supportive and positive and you are focusing on what you want then you are going to get it!

So the power of your mind might be less mysterious than you think.  Put these strategies into practice and I can guarantee that you will realise intended results; you WILL achieve more, discover more and ultimately, you will LIVE MORE.  That’s a promise. Post a comment to let me know how you’re doing.


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